In preparation for Baptism,
SACC will run the Baptism Course with a series of classes which include both group sessions and one-to-one lessons with a Baptism mentor.




22 May 2022

16 October 2022


6 November 2022

In preparation for Baptism on 22 May 2022 (Sun),

SACC will run the Baptism Course in the following manner:

Group lessons - 19 & 26 Mar 2022, 10am-12 noon, via Zoom

To complete one-to-one lessons with Baptism Mentor between 27 March and 15 May 2022.

Closing Date: 17 Mar 2022.



Water baptism is for all who accepts our Lord Jesus Christ as saviour, and serves as a public declaration of one’s complete surrender and obedience unto, reliance and trust in Him. Saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8), water baptism is not a prerequisite for salvation. Nonetheless, all believers should be baptised, out of obedience to (Matthew 28:19) and love for our Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:15).

As an Anglican Parish, we subscribe to infants being water baptised. The basic premise for this is our salvation resting on the mercy of our Lord Jesus’ saving grace – not the cognitive ability of the child – and His receipt of the household into the faith on the basis of the faith of the head of the house, c.f., an infant’s parent. (Acts 16:14-15 and 31-33)

Water baptism by immersion is the preferred mode due to the imagery of our dying to our old self and rebirth, but the amount or lack thereof of water is not that which makes water baptism valid or invalid. The faith and conviction of heart of the one seeking baptism or the baptism of their children in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is the deciding factor.

To be baptised under the auspices of Saint Andrew’s Community Chapel, the one seeking baptism must:

  • Have accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as personal saviour.

  • Attend our Membership: Baptism and Confirmation Class.

In seeking baptism with our Parish, kindly contact us and we will assist you with the registration.