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If you are interested to serve in any of these areas and more, do contact us with the button below or approach any of our church office staff.



Greeting and helping our families and friends feel welcomed and taken care of  here at SACC is an important to us.
Our ushers welcome the people of SACC and provide them with the information and materials they need to enjoy and benefit from the worship service and to help ensure a hospitable, safe, and smooth flowing worship service.

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Our music ministry, comprising of Singers and musicians, projectionists and the sound crew all play an important part in our worship service. Many of us in the ministry serve not just because of our love for music, but also for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, who inspires all forms of music. We help to set the stage for the congregation to enter into the presence of God, to assist us in being more receptive and sensitive to the presence of God.

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Music and sermons will not be as effective if they cannot be heard. That is the important work that the AV team does to ensure that God's Word can be heard by all.

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The Projection Ministry helps to prepare the PowerPoint slides containing worship lyrics and practices alongside the worship team and sound technician to get the timing of the slide changes right. The smooth flow of congregational singing or sermon preaching depends on the projectionist.

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  1. A room in a church where a priest prepares for a service, and where vestments and articles of worship are kept.

The sacristy ministry helps to prepare the communion table for services and ensure the needed elements are all present.

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For our warded brothers and sisters who wish to attend our services, we assist in bringing them down to the hall so that they are able to worship together as part of SACC's family.

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The hands and feet of the church, without whom things will not be able to get from point A to point B.
Any one with willing hands are eligible.

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