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As part of Diocese's care of the deaneries,
SACC partners CCOP to reach out to the Cambodian people.

Read more about the Deanery of Cambodia here or

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Church of Christ our Peace International (CCOP) here.

If you would like to contribute to SACC's work to Cambodia financially, click on the button below to find out more.

Give to Cambodia Mission Fund


Even as the borders were closed and pandemic seems to threaten to derail people, God's work is moving full steam ahead. Be partners with God and generously contribute your money, talent and prayers! He will richly bless as you give with a willing heart. If you wish to support any aspect of our work in Cambodia, make an offering -- without designating purpose -- to our Cambodia Missions Fund.

Over the past year, the pandemic has hit the people of Cambodia very badly. The Anglican Church of Cambodia (ACC) has provided 3 rounds of food relief to the provinces including Pursat and Battambang, each round costing US$1,000 for both areas. The village chief of Pursat requested assistance and food relief was provided to 15 poor families in the area. The need is expected to rise in year 2022 as more families will need assistance.
Rev Hieng has been going to Battambang to support a group of believers. We are exploring starting a new church there with a lady pastor who has about 30 people.
SACC has been supporting 1 girl and ACC deem there is a need to support another 4 girls from Prey Smach and 9 students from Toul Krous. The scholarship budget required is US$2,440/year.

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